29 May
     Small Spaces
          Oxygen and Water
     I drink whiskey from a flash
Sipping Orange Juice after-
     Tea on my Breath
Moon Eyes
     Everyone in search of Red Eyes
The projector filled with lies
     The mouse and the station all the same
I see it
     Projecting scarlet moon eyes
I never understood
     Alien eyes just staring
          Now who’s left to blame?
Basking in the technological glow
     Tea party of the heroin generation
Eyes all look the same
     Red eyes Blue Eyes Blue Eyes Green Eyes
     Polaroid and Film
Hazy; Heartfelt- Developed from within
     Red eyes from within- how did this begin?
Moon eyes the cool warm of Mother Galaxy
     Calm me and bring me to a warm place
          A desert’s glow of salvation
              Pyramids in the sand
Red eyes from the shadows of our secrets
     Enclose us take us higher
          Up the never ending beanstalk
              In the clouds in the space
                   I took it to the moon!
 That damn kid’s crazy!
     Heard ‘em say.
Moon eyes reading the literature
     Red eyes licking paper
A million tongues writers from short and long ago
Unable to participate in their literary fate
     Held like a dog at the gate
          Stranded- Chained to the stake
Fragile- Cows turn into steak
God backwards is Dog
     The smartest man-Dog
Indian and prophetic
     The sacrificial cow and his bone
          Endlessly chewing for a better tomorrow
The dog and his bone
Much maligned and somewhat shedding
     We are all the same
The Dog God is glistening
Lit Up like Christ on a Cross
     He’s just a pawn in the game
Of a Dali work
     Cast shadows and highlights perfectly in tact
          Three dimensional world-terror cross
In tact-
     Pointing these axes at
Those we’ve come to blame.
     The projector and our
Moon eyes;
     The trees all wave the same-
     These bloodshot wakes remain.
The moon eyes;
     The basement-
These trees all burn the same.
We’re all just trying to escape.
     Between the beggar
And the addict-
     I’ll never know
Just who there is to blame.
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