18 Sep
Sex is sex as sex is not sex as sex is sex as sex is life as birth is death as life is death as sex is death as sex is life and life is dead and dead will rise in times of zombie apocalypse in the fan-fiction novels written all over America and the western world and published in publication for profit throughout the globe as though it mattered (on helplessly butchered Trees) I turn to the Eastern Wise- Do they believe in Zombie? Apocalypse? Life? Death? Birth? Empty old consumerism for its own sake? Not to say they’re wrong and not to say they’re right but I sure wish the youth of America could learn to read insight, if only just a minute- anything to stop the advertising blood, the sewn up half cut gut of a man brazoned in bullets, lead, and iron slashed in a driveby victim of a brutal execution-  Guilty of little more than small time tax evasion and flying high in the sky with the leaves of time as we all go suffering by- I saw a dead body on the street in LA, and learned later through the internet that it was just that, a dead body. Ain’t that somethin’?
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