3 Oct
Boarding a Westbound Train

Partitions herd men as cattle,
Great long train, live stock-
Only three seats in the back,
Rest blocked off-
As slaves in the south,
We treat our men these days-

We treat our men like shit these days,
Cattle in Denver and bums in Chicago,
These days, judge a man by his gut,
Fat wallet, fat cat,
Plastic green with envy, paint it black,
Paint it all black-

Black flag, black benz,
Black express American as Taiwan-
Black rims, take your seat at the back
Black bus, black train,
They don’t give a fuck-
About our thoughts and dreams,

Take a seat at the back
Of the black train,
Black cat, white owl,
Pay your dues,
Initiated in the gang of politicians,
Throwing molotov cocktails at the poor

Laughing all the way to the bank-
What the fuck is this!

 America, wake up!
 America, stand up!
 America, grow accountable!
 America, no more excuses!
 America, love one another!
 America, we’re all brothers here!
 America, age is just a number!
 America, race is just a color!
 America, arrest those you don’t understand!
 America, erect buildings you can’t fill-
America, head for the hills in search of gold!
 America, melt it down and paint it black,
Bank bonds express American and empty promises dark as night!
America, open your eyes and take a good look around-
America, reap what you sow!
 America, cultivate your dreams!
 America, why do you covet corn?
 America, why do you paint it black on Halloween?
America, does your father believe in you?
 America, do you even know your father?
 America, you’d paint Britain black if it paid-
All black leather seats,
Black pussy dripping from the seams,
America, did you read the seed or just plant it?
 America, why don’t you follow directions?
America, who shot Biggie Smalls?
 America, picture Makaveli rolling-
American drop-top, all black benz
America, murder in your alleys
Gunplay in your streets,
Cops and robbers in the creek-
America, save the real rape for Wall Street-
Slander your President and have your go-
It ain’t as black and white as you say so-
That American Express won’t buy you a better seat
On this one-way train to hell-
It don’t matter what color it is,
Black, white, yellow, or blue-
Red as an Injun or dark as the night,
What’s a credit score in the afterlife?
Just don’t tell ‘em I told ya so,
     A M E R I C A.

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