25 Dec
The world is so crazy to me. A week ago we were mourning the death of children across the world just a week before Christmas. The world was supposed to end due to some misinformation regarding the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new era, not an apocalypse. I worked on paintings and covered some thirty six square feet of canvas with paint for holiday gifts and exchanged them on Sunday. On Christmas eve I went and bought picture frames, showered my grandparents and mothers graves in roses, cried in the sky and watched geese migrating by. Handprints in frost on stone, snow and grave blankets cover the ground. I leave feeling hopeful and invigorated, ready to start a new year. I still haven’t wrapped my presents. I get home and turn on the news- Some old man has set fire to a house and shot firefighters on Christmas eve.. What is wrong with people? Why must we act this way? Can’t we see that each and every day is a beautiful grace? That we should be happy to be alive, to be here, even if it’s cold in Chicago or New York- Even if it rains in LA or clouds block the stars for a week, we’re still here and there’s always a beautiful tomorrow. Tomorrow is Christmas, a time to rejoice and share in grace. I hope that it will remain this way, I hope we don’t commercialize Christmas or turn tomorrow into a gun war- For once it’d be nice to not hear anyone got shot. Please love one another, life is too short.
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