Everything here is made by me. As a fine artist, I feel that my work speaks for itself- No explanation is necessary, you see what you get- I am willing to contribute my talents, skills, and assets to any project which I feel passionate about- As an artist I can only truly create what I absolutely believe in- there are no examples of my work on this page for a reason, this website is my work- This is what I believe in and work hard on day-in and day-out, losing far too much sleep over. To me art is life, yet art is more than that- Art is fine, compassionate, true, and honest- It is one of the final frontiers unpolluted by monetary thought and advertising influence- So help a brother out and put some Portillo’s on his plate, ya dig?

In order to remain true to myself as an artist, the scope of my works must be limitless in bounds by default and thus I cannot put a singular price on any specific project or confine my artworks to any sort of boundaries, be it any one of the many artistic labels pinned upon myself by others- I stand free of both ideas and ideals, creating truly free works of life, love, and self respect. All of my work is fueled by an intense creative drive cultivated through positive thinking and universal truth of mind- I can’t eat, sleep, or drink any other way. So, if this is the type of thing you’re looking to spend your hard-earned dough on, you’re in the right place.

If not- have a nice day!