I saw the best minds of my times lose themselves mad-hatted on fast-food technology 
and painkillers- narcotic hipsters crusading for hotter water, faster 4G and instant 
Smoked out dragon-lungs engulfing wheat barrels lamenting familiar old myriads of 
taxpaying uncertainty, opening new windows to keep the terms and conditions away;
I saw the beached body of a dead boy washed to shore at only 28-
I saw trash filling up our rivers and piling atop my feet-
I saw alleys as dirty as New York streets.
I saw great lakes, tributaries, oceans and bays polluted as if destruction were 
the holy way.
I saw Indians relegated to reservations; casinos, bars, and bowling alleys laced 
with no smoking signs and cowboys dying of cancer black lunged and hoarse atop 
filthy Flake White hospital beds staffed with poorly trained college grads
I saw photographers caught in spider webs of smut downloading illegal audio 
crying on keyboards protesting resolution reduction, watermark removal, 
and the Globalized Standard of Photographic Acceptance.
I saw a thousand drunken teenage parents synthetically drugged calling police 
stations telling tales of statutory rave coming up positive with signs of AIDS
I saw adolescents view pornographic videos- laughing at the physical appearances 
of women they’ll never meet; blue-collar workers talking politics over sports and
Tattoo plagued gypsy skanks strung out in horsehair extensions racing across blank
Midwestern heroin plains longing for an empty carnal fix-
Homeless Adonis born-again a virgin in the great lake of polluted Michigan muck, 
change-cupped in an army coat, wildly preaching:
“I see the best minds of my generation tremor-shook and frozen out in windy city streets- 
contemplating jazz, better lunch meat, and blankets atop which to sleep!”
Delirium stricken he says to me, “I am building a giant oven and stuffing it with 
all of the world’s ignorant racist cancer- leaving it cleansed of simple- minded hate 
once and for all!”
“What’s New?” I ask him.
A world free of religion, homeless beggars and welfare
Pinching pennies for fries from Portillo’s
First-class addictions taking frequent bathroom trips-
What’s new? Profiled for being the wrong color-
Homophobes appealing marriages which don’t concern them-
The hipsters have all sold out to become weathermen and
I’m asked for identification when I’m drinking Mountain Dew!
“…I just need a dollar-“
Sorry brother, no change today-
Quarters pull a premium,
The times they are a-changin’!
“These welfare lines never cease!”
The Bible’s lies exposed with arrogant passion,
Half-shaved heads riding carpet like Aladdin,
Searching for answers in the trash bins of Manhattan
Overturning dumpsters in designer third-world fashion!
“…I just need a dollar-“
We’re drowning in cesspool shit infected waters
Watching acid tongued hippies dance across green screens!
Complaining of back pain at only twenty-two
We sold out to China, treasury checks signed red white and blue!
The laptop will inevitably run out of battery and
Children in Africa are baking faster than Martha Stewart’s American Pie!
Malcolm West in the sky trading war stories with God-
Tales of Vonnegut’s holocaust and Plath’s suicide!
“…I just need a dollar-“
On street corners picketing for More Money!
Bread-winning spouses and the marital draft!
Six digit welfare and hot water sewers!
Unemployment’s strung everyone out and you just need a dollar-
The frat boys replaced the faggots and
The cool kids are drugged-out posers-
The alcoholic, the inebriated, the addict, the insane;
“Twelve steps!” we say, “You’ve only yourselves to blame!”
Man-made natural-disaster handstands on Fault Line America,
Holographic hurricanes of traffic crash by and I’m
Strung out with my thumb out on the side of the road;
Plummeting morals scaring the living shit out of me-
Exorcism performed on the computer, cleansed its heart of viral sin-
Held together by prosthetic bones and industrial tin;
Detained for setting off metal detectors
And charged with being black, it wasn’t a Mac-
America the land of the free
Umbilical cord abortion, assassination at the doorstep-
Lobotomy postponed, State of the Union resumes
These street lamps never change-
The mechanic won’t know what to do-
The store clerk can’t help you,
“I’ve never seen that model…“
“The directions are in Hebrew!”
Even you don’t know what to do!
So maybe one day things aren’t going your way and
Maybe you attempt the insane only to find out your worst fears are only fears and 
you’ve got no one but yourself to blame-
Maybe you tell the cashier you’ve given up change for lent and
Maybe she tells you it’s for the better-
Maybe the grown child bellows out, “The world isn’t fair!” and the Pope fires back, 
“Life goes on!”
Maybe gang warfare ensues-
Maybe Beethoven’s arrested singing the whiskey blues-
Maybe the melodramatic stage full of actors takes a bow and nobody cares because the 
live performance was shit-
Maybe Shakespeare hangs himself on a clothesline and Hemingway jumps in front of a 
westbound train-
Maybe the war on terror is real and a dead mouse is all that’s left of the 
Nuclear Jukebox Bass Drop
And maybe politicians will deny that radiation is sweeping the nation.
I guess we’ll never know.
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